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Our Studio follows a Step-by-Step System. At your initial consultation, we will discuss the following steps with You, and how a structured approach will benefit your Design Project

  • The Consultation. This is our introduction to You and your Project. Our initial Consultation runs for two hours, and is the first working meeting we will have with you. During the consultation, our Principle designer will assess the property, discuss requirements for the space, determine the functionality, layout, aesthetics, your must-haves and your wish-list. We will then review the next steps, answer any questions you may have, and  review our contract during this meeting, should you decide to retain our services at the conclusion of the consultation.

  • The Contract. Should you decide to retain our services at the conclusion of the consultation, we will move to step 2, Signing of the Contract and payment of the deposit. This transaction begins the commencement of Your project. 

  • The Sight Survey. Once your deposit has been paid, we will take detailed measurements, site photos, and consult with your Trades on any sight limitations that may impact the Design & Development phase.

  • The Design & Development Phase. This is the stage of the design process where most of your design fee hours will be utilised. It is a highly detailed phase in which we develop an overall design concept. In this phase we delve into the details, produce our documentation, and source &  select each of the finishes and materials to deliver a well thought-out design, unique to your project . During this phase you can expect to receive weekly updates about how this phase is progressing, and you will be eagerly awaiting step 5.

  • The Presentation. All the hard work and hours spent on step 4 come together at the Presentation. This is without a doubt one of the most exciting and anticipated steps in the process. A 2D Drawing package representing the technical aspects of your proposed design will be presented, with a full scheme of proposed fixtures and finishes.  We will review with you the proposed design, and one set of revision documents pertaining to the details within the scope may be created following your feedback as needed. Further revisions are developed on an hourly fee basis. We will also present you with furniture and accessory plan and furniture layouts.

  • The Ordering Phase. We've worked through all the design details, and now we are ready to start creating proposals, and placing orders. We will submit all proposals to you for approval prior to purchasing your finishes, fixtures, furnishings and custom items. Once we have received payment, we will take care of all ordering, tracking and delivery, and inspect items when they are delivered. We will not place any orders without receiving payment, and storage fees will be charged as a seperate cost to the design fees.

  • The Documentation Phase. After we have presented you with the 2D overview and your finishes package, and we are ready to produce the detailed working drawings. At this phase, construction documentation will be produced by the relevant accredited persons. We want to ensure that every detail is outlined and clear on the plans for your trades during both the pricing and construction phase of the project. We believe that the more detail provided, the better the execution of the design will be. At the end of this phase, we will meet with you to go through the plans once more, page by page, to ensure the specifics of the design are understood and agreed upon prior to Tendering and construction. The fees for Consultants hired during this phase will not incur a mark-up.

  • The Pricing Phase. Once we have concluded the Documentation phase, You can proceed with the process of having your trades submit bids for the construction. We will provide assistance at this stage in communicating design details and answering any questions that your trades might have in the process of presenting a bid to you. 

  • The Construction Phase. Your A-team have been selected and you are ready to start building! We provide hourly-fee based, on-site consultations to assist the trades with questions, and ensure all of the details of your design are understood and executed faithfully. We do not project manage the construction.

  • The Review Phase. There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes now, with final drawings have been approved, trades being signed on and construction work has begun. It's a good time to schedule a meeting to review budget, and timelines. We will be able to update you with any potential delays, solutions, feedback and outstanding invoices at this time.

  • The Completion Phase. The construction has finished and we are ready to sign off on completion with the trades. In this phase we walk through your space with the trades, and highlight any defects that need to be rectified, and assist with the finalising of your handover.

  • The Install Day. Our studio installs all furniture and accessories along with professional art hangers and movers. This is the most exciting day for its the day all shall be "revealed', and we all get to enjoy how all the hard work has come together seamlessly in your new space.

  • The Thank You. We thank you for choosing to work with Antipode Jones Studio on your project, and celebrate the partnership with you.


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